We are a group of people whose passion is travelling. After so many years travelling around the country and the globe, we got to realise how paramount it is to organise each trip.

Being taken positively by surprise is a pleasant experience that may happen to travellers when arriving in a completely unknown location with plenty of amazing places to discover. However, experience taught us that if you come to a new location completely blind, not having the faintest idea of where to go, what to do, or what you encounter, disappointments and contingencies are likely to occur.

Moreover, another advantage of being informed is that frequently, there are great places to know or activities to do, that are not properly promoted, and you could be missing something really worth visiting.

Another reason why we intend to give our readers a real insight of the alluring Kent County is that depending on where visitors come from or depending on their daily habits, they may find an entirely different culture, social customs, and gastronomy. Being informed helps travellers to adapt and better interact with the locals.

Kent is a South East English county which borders to Greater London, Surrey, East Sussex, and crossing the Thames.

We dedicate this website to Kent County because it is an area full of exciting attractions regardless of the interests of the visitors. It offers such an endless list of possibilities, which make it a tourist destination for people from all ages and with all kinds of different preferences.