Travelling To Kent and Moving Around

Getting to Kent is very easy. This beautiful countryside that holds many hidden gems, an alluring coastline with attractions and fun for all possesses an excellent road network, efficient bus services connecting each spot with another, travelling-alone-1120x600and miles and miles of cycling and walking routes to safely discovering the surroundings.

At 21 miles from the mainland Europe, it is the closest point to it, so travellers from the continent easily cross the channel via P&O Ferries, through the Eurotunnel or by DFDS Seaways. If travelling by car, arriving from Eurotunnel Le Shuttle, it will take only 35 minutes drive to get to Folkstone, to join the M20 that runs through the heart of Kent.

Getting to Kent from London is quite simple and fast. Coming through the M25 from the north or east, once crossing the Dartford Bridge you will be in Kent, and all you will have to do is follow the signs to reach the M2 or keep on a bit further till reaching the M20. If coming from the south or west, once on the M25 carry on until reaching the M26, which connects with the M20. Otherwise, continue on the M25 until reaching the M2.

For faster travelling, you can take a train from London that will take less than 40 minutes to arrive in the garden of England.

Travellers arriving by plane can either land at London Gatwick or Heathrow, both pretty close to Kent. It won´t take longer than an hour to reach the heart of Kent by road. Otherwise, both airports have express trains into London connecting with Kent.

Visiting Kent is accessible both for international and local travellers, and moving around the county is as easy as safe as it can be, whether you have rented a car or opted for public transportation.

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