Top Castles to Visit in Kent

Kent has a wealth of history, with numerous castles there to remind us of the rich Kentish past. Let yourself be transported to glorious past times visiting some of the impressive castles and historic houses that are waiting for you in Kent, England´s oldest county.

Leeds Castle

Leeds Caste, a magnificent castle that rises from its moat waters, is probably the most romantic and historic castle in England. Visitors can walk through the rooms that have been home to royalty for around 900 years or wander along the catered surrounding gardens.

Chiddingstone Castle5070108_10540457-1

This Tudor castle has belonged to several families until it was remodelled in the early years of the 19th century as a medieval-style castle. Placed in an area of 35 acres of informal gardens, it houses amazing art collections of the late Denys Eyre Bower.

Deal Castle

The Deal Castle was built by order of King Henry VIII, to protect England from the European invaders. It is one of the most representative Tudor artillery castles, and visitors can explore the whole castle, including the storerooms, captain´s residence, and the dark passages winding through the bastions.

Dover Castle

Built in a privileged high location above the White Cliffs, the Dover Castle allows visitors to enter the Great Tower and let their imagination take them back to the turbulent medieval era of King Henry II. It is one of England´s largest castles and offers an impressive view.

Canterbury Castle

It is one of the most ancient castles in Britain. The ruined Norman Canterbury Castle was started to be built in 1070, by William the Conqueror. It was one of the three original Kentish Royal castles, together with Rochester Castle and Dover Castle. It was built on the Roman road from London to Dover to guard this highly important route.

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