Kentish Culinary Delights

Kent, also known as the Garden of England, possesses a mild oceanic climate and fertile soils. Its agricultural activity is quite intense, and being a coastal location, fishing is very prolific.

A paradise for food lovers, Kent is famous for its orchards full of coloured and smelly apples and pears, among others. In addition to the native plants, former invaders from mkentish-cherry-batter-puddings-4-680x557ainland Europe brought grapevines, hops, and cherries which successfully acclimatised and soon became part of the local production.

Romney Marsh lamb is also a demanded local food, renowned for the tenderness of its texture and unique taste. But, if something stands out in Kent it is the Whitstable Oyster. Honouring it, a yearly festival named Whitstable Oyster Festival is celebrated with utmost joy.

Some of the delights you are surely going to try in Kent include:

  • Angels on Horseback – A Kentish speciality made of oysters grilled together with bacon rashers and served over a buttered toast.
  • Folkestone Pudding Pie – Also called Lenten pie, it is an enclosed pastry with a filling made of rice and milk. It´s a sort of cheesecake that comes from the times of Lent periods when certain foods were restricted on religious grounds.
  • Cherry Batter Pudding – The tasty Kentish cherries give these puddings a wonderful flavour. The cherry batter pudding is made of wheat and corn flour, milk, eggs, sunflower oil, apple juice and, of course, cherries.
  • Canterbury Pudding – There are several variations of it but, basically, it consists of pastry ingredients, breadcrumbs, milk, lemon juice and brandy.

Foodies will love going out to eat in Kent. The gastronomic variety is immense, from small pubs with locally produced beer, to small eateries up to the finest restaurants. Furthermore, there are so many places to eat, and such a variety of international cuisine that everyone is granted a delightful eating experience in Kent.

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