Enjoying Kent with Kids

Kent is a superb destination for families with children. Children enjoy visiting the amazing medieval-style castles, trying the typical local desserts at the friendly restaurants, or exploring the countryside. Nevertheless, thereplay-area-while-parents are fantastic parks, zoos, and theme parks that provide unlimited fun and entertainment for families with kids. Nothing is more pleasant than sharing memorable and amusing moments with the little ones in Kent. Among the varied range of places to visit in Kent, there are excellent venues to go with them. Consider the following attractions:

Druidstone Park For The Youngest Ones

Druidstone Park is a gem, a great little place to spend a few relaxing hours with the youngest ones. Kids love not only watching the donkeys, goats, deer, pigs, ducks, chickens, etc. but also being able to feed them. There is woodland walk with plenty of things to keep them interested all along the way. There is also a beautiful playground area with picnic benches.


A great place to go if looking for fun and action. There is an interesting variety of rides and drives including Mini-Tractors, Go-Karts, Groundshuttle, Dodgems, and the latest additions Star Attack and Crazy Carts and much more. Added to all that fun, Diggerland Adventure Park provides amazing views across River Medway, its historic cathedral and 12th century castle.


Wildwood is a fantastic option for families. There are over 200 animals, including the latest addition of a family of Kormisosh bears. Wildwood is located in gorgeous 40 acres of old woodland which houses over 200 animals living semi-natural enclosures.


Let action be part of the family fun at Cyclopark, a multi-sports venue set in 43 hectares of landscaped park offering world-class cycling, skateboarding, running, and many other exciting sports facilities. Families can spend an entire day there, playing sports, enjoying a nice lunch, and even taking a relaxing cycle ride.

Kent offers everything when it comes to attractions and, making it a great destination for families with kids too.

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