Art and Culture in Kent

Art can be breathed in Kent. Not only does it have an extensive and rich artistic history, but also a profusion of modern artists. There is something about Kent´s atmosphere that has been inspiring artists since old times. Not by chance did Tukentrner and Dickens choose Kent for inspiration.

In Kent, you will find cutting-edge galleries, modern art enclaves, theatres, and museums.

The 21st century seems to have experienced a remarkable artistic growth spurt. Contemporary and modern culture keep blossoming all over, with innovative artists of the different disciplines putting the name of Kent on the world´s map of modern art icons. The School of Arts, University of Kent, plays a crucial role in the formation of young artists of all disciplines.

Enumerating all galleries, museums, or theatres in Kent would require a bigger website to list them all. Nevertheless, let us mention some examples.

Turner Contemporary

It is the major art gallery in the South East area, featuring both historical and contemporary arts. The modern gallery itself, located in a breathtaking setting by the sea, is a piece of art itself!

Beany House of Art and Knowledge

The Beany is a library and art museum that offers both world-class exhibition galleries as well as learning facilities and a comprehensive programme of cultural events for people of all ages.

Guided tours and audio tours are available. Guide dogs are welcome.

Folkestone Creative Quarter

The area of Folkstone has transformed itself into a refreshed enclave of artists, small shops, creative businesses, cafes, and restaurants. The Creative Quarter is nothing but an area that, thanks to a charity foundation, was regenerated through art and education. People´s creativity is highly encouraged. Folkstone has become home of an avid generation of creative artists.

Maidstone Museum and Bentlif Art Gallery

Since 1858 Maidstone Museum has been a cultural and artistic reference in the South East. From oil paintings to dinosaurs, there is a wealth of art to discover at this impressive cultural venue.

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