Going Shopping in Kent

When travelling, going shopping usually has its unique place and brings excitement. And going shopping in Kent is something that buyers adore, not only for the variety of

Top Castles to Visit in Kent

Kent has a wealth of history, with numerous castles there to remind us of the rich Kentish past. Let yourself be transported to glorious past times visiting some

Nightlife in Kent

There is always somewhere to go at night in Kent, from bars to cinemas, from micro-pubs and taverns to music clubs, from casinos to discotheques, from dancing pubs

Enjoying Kent with Kids

Kent is a superb destination for families with children. Children enjoy visiting the amazing medieval-style castles, trying the typical local desserts at the friendly restaurants, or exploring the

Art and Culture in Kent

Art can be breathed in Kent. Not only does it have an extensive and rich artistic history, but also a profusion of modern artists. There is something about

Kentish Culinary Delights

Kent, also known as the Garden of England, possesses a mild oceanic climate and fertile soils. Its agricultural activity is quite intense, and being a coastal location, fishing